Speaking Topics

“The words of the wise prod us to live well. They’re like nails hammered home, holding life together.”
Ecclesiastes 12:11 (MSG)

Retreat Weekends (3-4 sessions each)

Return to Rest

In Psalm 116:7, David speaks to his soul. "Return to your rest, O my soul ..."

Have you ever spoken to your soul? If so, it may have sounded like, "Go faster, O my soul!," "Hurry up, O my soul!," "Go, go, GO, O my soul!" Jesus invites us to come to Him and "find rest" for these stirred up souls of ours. Let's relocate rest (where is it hiding, anyway??) and return our souls securely there.

Select from the following sessions:

  • Souls
  • Unsurrendered Self
  • Safe, Settled and Sound
  • Sights, Sounds and Speech
  • Situations and Swirling Sentiments
  • Sabbath and Selah


It seems God’s favorite answer to whatever ails us is His presence. “I will be WITH you,” He says over and over again. Why does this matter so much? Let’s spend some time together experiencing how God shows up and shares with His people.

Select from the following sessions:

  • Show up and share
  • Show up and share provisions
  • Show up and share protection
  • Show up and share personality
  • Show up and share partnership
  • Show up and share power

Pause in the Panic: How to be still in a storm

I’m asking God to teach us to be still. There are some things He wants us to know which cannot be learned while tossed by wind and wave.

Select from the following sessions:

  • Panic
  • Pause
  • Partake

The Inseparables

Let me ask you a question: To what is your life linked? If we want to live WELL – and we do! – we must be prepared to walk as Jesus did. Equip yourself to embrace the inseparables and in so doing, be irrevocably, inseparably linked to LIFE!

Select from the following sessions:

  • Suffering
  • Sacrifice
  • Submission
  • Sanctification
  • Selflessness
  • Serving

Do What Leads to LIFE!

Scripture calls and urges us to choose life. All day long. Every day. Whatever we do or think or speak leads to one of two places: life or death. Do what leads to life!

Select from the following sessions:

  • Get Over It: Don’t Harbor Offense
  • Get Rid of It: Don’t Stay in Sin
  • Get More of It: Don’t Lack in Love
  • Get Real: Don’t Masquerade
  • Get Free: Don’t Live in Fret
  • Get Going: Don’t Be a Fool

Ready, Set, Grow! Unearth the Secrets in the Parable of the Sower

You were born to bloom and bear fruit, but trust me, it doesn’t happen without careful cultivation. Just how does Gardener God prepare for a productive planting? 

Select from the following sessions:

  • Ready – The Sower’s Method of Preparing our Souls’ Soil
  • Receive – Move the Seed from Surface to Safety
  • Root – Get a Grip, and Grow! 
  • Ripen – Tend the Seed, not the Weed
  • Reap & Reproduce – Grow up into the Fullness God Intends

Steep Your Life!

Steep means to soak. Soak means to become saturated. Saturated means to become completely permeated or filled fully. Or, as I like to put it, “up to your eyeballs in.” What are you steeped in?

“Steep your life in God … ” Matthew 6:33 (MSG)

  • Steeped in S_______
  • Stages to Steeping
  • Steep Speak

Adjusted, Aligned, and ALIVE

To align something is to adjust it to produce a proper relationship. This applies whether you are alining a spine or a spirit. Alignment has to do with the full release of life that flows out of a proper relationship.

  • Select from the following sessions:
  • Wardrobe: Fooled by a Fig Leaf
  • Walk This Way
  • Sight-Seeing
  • Wide Open
  • Aligned by Love Alone

Single Sessions
(30-45 min each)

If you are in need of a single session, you may choose from any of the above as each can stand on it's own as well as within the entire theme.

For Caregivers

Lingering Love

The sacrificial love you pour out day after day after day lingers long. It is never without effect. You may not be able to fix or remove the pain of your loved one, but the precious and costly gift you pour out prepares and preserves them in and through it all.

If you are interested in having Jenny speak for your group, please head over to the Booking page and fill out the form. Jenny will be in touch with you as soon as she can!

Jenny’s heart is to see others connected deeply to Christ and community so they can live well, even in the hurting and hard places.