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Meet Jenny gehman, btdt

Jenny jokingly says her qualifications to teach are in the initials after her name, btdt, standing for, “been there, done that!”

She is the daughter of an alcoholic, the mother of a son with autism and the wife of a saint! Her messages hold power because they are born from her own journey of relying on God’s sustaining grace in the midst of life’s trials and brokenness.

Jenny speaks from a place of knowing with a powerful blend of authenticity and authority causing all who hear to receive strength and grace to live and live well - even in hard and hurting places.

Ecclesiastes tells us, “The words of the wise prod us to live well. They’re like nails hammered home, holding life together" (Ecclesiastes 12:11 MSG).

If you want a rooted, established, held-together kind of life, listen to the wisdom God has given Jenny.  As you walk it out, your life will be a house held-together, able to stand even as waves slam from every side.

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