What Others Have Said

We can tell you as much as we want about what God is doing through this ministry but there's nothing like hearing it straight from those who have been impacted . Read below to hear from women, pastors, and leaders on why they love and support LiveWell!Ministries.

Women Describing an R&R

“At R&R Retreats I’ve finally found a gathering of women where I feel valued no matter where I am in my journey with Jesus.”

“Insightful. Incredible. Including.”

“Encouraging, enriching, and extremely helpful in helping me maneuver through life as a follower of Jesus.”

“R&R Retreats make me feel replenished and taken care of.”

“ . . . life is busy and crazy and unpredictable and it helps me to refocus on what is important in life and who I get my strength and wisdom from for whatever lies ahead.”

“R&R Retreats make me feel empowered and refreshed.”

“Each time I leave, I feel my relationship with Christ is stronger and more intimate.”

"When my friend invited me to attend an R&R Retreat I was very hesitant. Saturday mornings are MINE, and I wouldn’t know many people. During my first retreat, it was as if I could hear God clearly for the first time in a long time. Even though the speaking was so powerful, the journaling and reflection part was the most meaningful for me because it gave me the time I needed to reconnect with God. After that first retreat, I knew I wanted and needed to return. R&R Retreats have truly been a blessing I wish all the women I knew could experience!"

The Impact on attendees

"I really enjoyed the retreat. I was able to get some quiet time last night and look over the paper and notes and journal some. There was such a wealth of information. Jenny is so gifted, absolutely, and I really like the format of the retreat. Everything seems to be very appropriately timed. Just to have a few moments to journal and moments of silence is such a treat in the chaos of life."

"I feel I have been fed so full from this retreat that I can't help but to share what I've learned with others." 

"Your words always seem to be what I need to hear. You have such an amazing talent and I am so thankful that you share it with all of us women! I truly appreciate you sharing your hard times and your weaknesses. It always helps to know that others don't have the perfect life and struggle with their faith at times."

"Thank you for helping me recognize what is brewing in me that I could not name."

"This has been the biggest help in thinking about God and why I sometimes avoid His presence. Jenny, thank you for your vulnerability and honesty in your teaching."

"You have been such a blessing to me. You have taught me how to walk closer with my Savior even in the midst of struggle and strife. And this season of R&R could not have been better fitting for me as I needed to take my heart from hiding, allow the healing to take place (which only God could do) and bring it to rest in him. Trusting in him. Your words have been a blessing and greatly encouraged me."

"I think Jenny is wonderful! I am well over seventy years of age, have been to many bible studies and retreats in my day, and I think she is one of the best leaders I have yet to encounter. She has been blessed by our Lord!"

"Jenny, I just want you to know how much I am truly grateful that you stick to the core values and lead by example. I can't imagine how mentally exhausted you must be and how tempting it must be to want to dwell in your circumstances. Thank you for choosing to walk in where you are and showing me that I can do the same."

"So many morsels of godly wisdom from Jenny have stuck with me for years after I first heard them. It’s not just the powerful insights she shares through her teaching and mentoring that ministers to my heart; It’s the way she lives each moment with such grace, such peace, such surrendered reliance on God. Her life is a model of how a woman of God can be an instrument of beauty and sustenance, even in times of suffering and famine."

What leaders/volunteers have said

"Bless you for this ministry; never, ever have I met such an amazing group of beautiful, dedicated women. The support I have received from all areas touches me deeply. Thank you for "inviting" me to be a part of it. I feel renewed, refreshed and restored with this new purpose He has called me to. (couldn't resist the alliteration)."

"I can't say enough wonderful things about my leaders. I have never been around a group of women that are so Godly, loving, comforting, generous and kind. All of you have been so supporting of my "newness" to the ministry and you all at one time or another have been a soothing balm to my soul."

"It is SUCH A JOY to do walk this with you as my partner in ministry – I’ve done ministry before, I worked for ministries before, and I’ve never experienced the unity and the partnership that I have so far with LiveWell – that is one of the many things that even when I’m overwhelmed keeps me going and not want to throw in the towel ;) Thank you for doing ministry God’s way and pushing us to do the same. "