About R&R Retreats

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At R&R Retreats we are all about
Connecting with
Christ and Community!
Join us!!

R&R Retreats exist to connect women to Christ and community in ways that lead to deeper, fuller LIFE.

Join us as we gather in a context of community where the Word of God is delivered, discussed and digested.

Our “R’s” stand not for the typical ‘rest and relaxation’ but rather represent ‘Roses and Raspberries.’ It seems a little odd until you understand that roses and raspberries bloom and bear fruit in the midst of pressing thorns … and so shall we dear ones, so shall we!!

R&R Retreats are designed to be accessible. They are free, fast (2 hours) and fulfilling, and are open to women of every age and stage. You will have opportunity to both receive and to invest your life in a way that matters both locally and globally.

Come. Nourish. Live!

Each retreat is unique and stands on it’s own, however they all connect under our yearly theme. If you miss a retreat, no worries, a podcast of the teaching is posted on this website.

We are full of anticipation for all God has in store for us!

For the past seven years we’ve been telling you the R&R’s don’t stand for rest and relaxation. But guess what? This year, they ALMOST do!!

The 2015-2016 theme is RETURN TO REST and is taken from Psalm 116:7 where David speaks to his own soul. “Return to your rest, O my soul…” he says.

Return to your rest.

Shhhhh …. oh my soul.

Jesus invites us to come to Him and “find rest” for these stirred up souls of ours. Let’s relocate rest (where is it hiding, anyway??) and return our souls securely there.

Care to connect? Here are the dates and details, and you can register right here for Lancaster, Lebanon or Pottstown. In the meantime, meet the R&R Team and read what women are saying about the retreats.