About R&R Retreats

At R&R Retreats we are all about
Connecting with
Christ and Community!
Join us!!

Be warned, however. These retreats are not about “Rest & Relaxation” as one might think. Instead, the “R’s” represent “Roses & Raspberries.” Strange but true, and here’s why: Roses & Raspberries bloom & bear fruit in the midst of pressing thorns … and so shall we dear ones, so shall we!!

Come. Nourish. Live!

These women’s retreats are free, fast (2 hours) and fulfilling. They are open to all women of every age and stage.

Each retreat is unique and stands on it’s own, however they all connect under our main theme. If you miss a retreat you will be able to listen to a podcast of the teaching posted on this website. We are super excited for all God has in store for us!

The 2014-1015 theme is PRESENCE. God’s favorite solution to our situations is this: “I will be WITH you.” Throughout our 6 retreats we will explore the fact that The provision is in the promise, and the promise is the Presence.

Care to connect? Here are the dates and details, and you can register right here for LancasterLebanon or Pottstown. In the meantime, meet the R&R Team and read what women are saying about the retreats.