Raise Up & Release

Jenny Gehman has been there. In fact, she jokingly says her qualifications to lead are in the initials after her name, btdt, standing for, “been there, done that!”

Jenny has led herself, navigating narrow roads through lands of loss and disability under the guidance of God. You can read a portion of her story here.

She has led her son through multiple food allergies, illnesses, and the landmines of autism and anxiety, homeschooling him for many years. He is soon to be a college graduate.

And she has led countless women, serving as a mentor and teacher for over 25 years, in addition to directing LiveWell!Ministries since 2008. 

Jenny's leadership has been forged in the fire and anointed by God. She leads with a powerful blend of authenticity and authority, causing all who receive to be raised up and released.

Learn, Live, Lead

We follow the example of Ezra who ”tenaciously studied, practiced, and taught the Eternal’s law to Israel" (Ezra 7:10, Voice).  We commit to learning, living, and then leading - in that order - for the rest of our lives. We seek to be leaders who continuously study and practice that which we teach to others.

Join Us!

Next session: January 2017-June 2017. 

Location: Lancaster, PA

Time: One Saturday morning per month

Email Jenny for more information!


We learn in a transformational context of community where the spiritual, relational, experiential and instructional are all connected. Our times together are deeply embedded in Christ and community.

We gather a total of six times with each session centered on our core values. We not only learn the core values but, like Ezra, live them (in class and out) and lead from them always. They shape who we are and what we do.

Through our learning experience in this course, we are equipped, enriched and empowered to lead.


What we learn, we live. It’s that easy. It’s that hard. We are not ready to lead until we live what we learn. This course provides accountability to encourage the walking out of all that is brought before us.


After being raised up, we are released! … to lead! To go and be and do. But in our going and doing we never, ever, ever leave our commitment to do all from a place of being deeply rooted in Christ and community. All authentic leading flows from this.

The community forged in this course continues for years to come and acts as a tremendous support after being sent out. There is also follow-up support given from LiveWell!Ministries for a year after completing the course.


"You are about to begin . . . an ADVENTURE!  I just KNOW it’s going to be an amazing year for you!  Get your note-taking pen ready, because SO MUCH GOOD STUFF will be shared, and you won’t want to miss a bit of it!  Prepare to love these women in surprising ways. Keep your eyes and ears and hearts and minds open to what God has in store, because He is alive and well in this endeavor.  I pray that you experience Christ and community like you never have before, and that you will experience incredible LIFE through it!"

Former Participant, Jamie McGee

"I need to say again: Thank You! Thank you for following the Lord’s leading in developing this class … what the Lord has taught me because of your faithfulness is beyond words."

"It truly blew my socks off – it was WAY more than what I expected. I thought I’d learn how to lead .... I learned that plus so much more, and things of much more eternal value than just surface leadership skills."

"I honestly didn’t have any expectations except that it would be like a lot of the other leadership courses I’ve taken…which it most definitely was not. The courses I’ve taken before were that…courses. This was a way of life, an experience and THAT is what has helped change and develop me as a leader. My expectations were exceeded exponentially."

"I was challenged to spend more time in the Word, lay aside the things that entangle me, be honest with myself. I feel like spiritually, mentally, and emotionally I was challenged to rise to a higher standard. A standard of living my life more closely aligned with God’s Word."

"The community that was built around Christ was incredible. I have never experienced community to this depth and genuineness."

"You were able to see my heart, my gifts and talents and then place me perfectly."

"There aren’t enough words to describe that feeling of being undeniably supported, yet being held to high standards at the same time."

"My expectations and hopes coming into the course … were not only met, they were exceeded! … What a surprising, fulfilling, enriching, GROWING experience it was!!!! … It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done."

"What a community we were able to experience … the unity of heart and purpose was stunning!"