Did you ever not want to be where you are? 

Us, too. 

We call it exile.

From the very beginning, the heart of LiveWell!Ministries has been God’s invitation to us to live and live well. 

Here. Now. 

Even in the hard places of life. 

Even in the places we don’t want to be.

According to author Eugene Peterson, exile is an experience of dislocation.  Everything is out of joint and nothing really works the way it’s supposed to. 

Have you been there? 

We’re all carted off to exile at some point or another, and it’s suffering that scatters us there.

For Us, exile has been:

  • Health problems
  • Family conflicts
  • Job losses / changes
  • Sudden care-giving responsibilities
  • Infertility
  • Post-partum depression
  • An unwanted marital status
  • Mental illness
  • Financial problems

How about you?

Regardless of what carries us into exile, our needs are very similar:

  • A safe place of belonging
  • Community
  • Resources
  • A guide to teach us how to navigate this new place
  • Hope and vision for life here in this place we never imagined
  • Truth-tellers
  • Examples & Advocates
  • A place & a way to contribute and invest so we know our lives still matter
  • A way to find God in this place of pain and dislocation

LiveWell!Ministries began as God met Jenny in her place of exile and called her to life. Our mission is to provide:


practical tools, proper mindsets & personal relationships that help others live

and live well in their current reality, exile or not.

If you’re being called to LIFE in the midst of painful places, join us. You’re not alone. It's our honor to walk with you as you, too, make this place prosper.