Our Story

LiveWell!Ministries began with just God and me back in 2004, the year that found me weeping and whining as my body suffered a piece by piece breakdown of my autonomic nervous system. 

“I don’t want to live here!” I prayed. “Give me back my life!” I pleaded. 

No go. 

Instead, God took me to the book of Jeremiah, one of the well known prophets in the Bible. Took me to a story of His people who had been taken from their homes and carried off into exile. Into a land of suffering. Into a place they did not want to live. I was relating to their plight!

These people of Jeremiah's day were weeping, whining, praying and pleading. Singing my kind of blues. And you’ll never guess what God told them.

“‘Build homes, and plan to stay. Plant gardens, and eat the food they produce. Marry and have children. Multiply! Do not dwindle away! And work for the peace and prosperity of the city I have caused you to be carried away to as captives. Pray to the Lord for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare …  Jeremiah 29:4-10.

I'm guessing this was not the exile's desired response from God. God pretty much said, “Folks, I hear you, but this is where you live now, so settle down and get on with it. It’s gonna be awhile.”

When I read this, my heart was pierced as I heard God say,

“Daughter, I know you don't want to live in this land of suffering, but this is where you are for now, and in this very place I am inviting you to live and to live well ... right here ... right now ... until I come back for you.”

The invitation was crystal clear. No further explanation was needed. My tears didn’t stop flowing, but I tried to slow down on the whining and pleading. From that point forward, I set out to learn to live well in a land of suffering.

Four years later God came back and whispered in my ear: "Speak in the light what I taught you in the dark,” and in 2008 LiveWell!Ministries was begun, birthed in a land of exile.

To be in exile means you are where you don't want to be. It's where everything is dislocated. We're all carried there at some point in time. The question is, how then will we live? Join us, and we'll walk it out together. 

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Jenny Gehman

Founder & Executive Director

Our Logos

The dandelion is a symbol of LiveWell!Ministries growing and releasing. It is full of seeds that will spread throughout the area to create new plants.

In a different sense, the dandelion holds a sense of exile (a theme within LWM’s). The seeds are being blown to new lands where they will need to take root and come to life, thriving where they’re planted.

Historically the dandelion is St Brigid's flower. Brigid is one of Ireland's earliest recorded and most famous saints. She was known as one who showed extraordinary spirituality, boundless charity, and compassion for those in distress.

The dandelion is a symbol of hope.

The double circle represents our passion for Christ and community.

The “W” in “well” is both reaching down (roots) and up (to connect with God).

Logo design by Gordana (GStars) of 99Designs.com.  For her profile, please click here.

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The R's stand for Roses & Raspberries which bloom and bear fruit in the midst of pressing thorns.

The R’s face each other. They are turned toward one another. This represents a coming together. An intentional turning toward community.

Notice these R’s create a place for the raspberry (thorns and all). They receive it and even seem to nurture it. They hold it. In our retreat communities, we embrace and create safe places for that which causes pain, our own and that of others.

The byline and the circles represent our strong commitment to being deeply connected to both Christ and community.

Logo design by Gordana (GStars) of 99Designs.com. For her profile, please click here.